Well, here we are. I’ve finally taken the plunge after months of being told, “You should start a blog.” I can’t promise I’ll be a frequent blogger. Having three children of just-four and under is pretty time consuming. And energy sapping. And sleep depriving. And astonishing. And bloody brilliant.

Let me begin by introducing us all. I’m the cake-craving-rather-tired-but-incredibly-lucky mum of three gorgeous girls. I used to be a journalist and I’m acutely aware that my ability to write coherently is diminishing rapidly. I’m hoping that the odd blog might show down the descent into sleep deprived senility. Have I mentioned that I don’t get much sleep? I’m a busy body; a parish councillor, chair of our residents’ association and on the pre-school committee. I do love a committee.

I’m married to a lovely bloke. He works too hard and I miss him when he’s not around. He’s a great dad, too. He was worth the wait. I’m one of these mums that would be classified as ‘older’. Apparently, it was a lifestyle choice not to have kids until I was in my late thirties. It wasn’t. One day, I’ll tell you about that.

Then there’s the Big One. She’s just turned four and she’s the one I worry about. Is it just me, or does everyone worry more about their first born than their siblings? The Big One is a quiet little button. Sort of. With us, she’s noisy, bossy and confident. At pre-school, she’s reserved, struggles to form friendships and hearing that breaks my heart. She’s very happy, but stands aside rather than getting stuck in. She’s a worrier. Bright as a button, fascinated by the world and happiest at home with her family. Her take on imaginative play is interesting: I found her in the washing basket pretending to be a pair of socks. I wasn’t really sure where to go with that.

The Medium One is the polar opposite. She’s hilarious. Life with her is a never ending stream of “I never thought I’d say that”. She draws on her little sister, climbs anything and everything and infects everyone around her with the sunshine in her smile. Her antics amuse everyone. I found her in the garden today wearing one welly, one of her sister’s crocs, an Olaf head and a medal. She loves our chickens, her sisters and causing mayhem. The Medium One is the glue: She worships her big sister and adores her little one. She throws out so much love.

The Little One is new. She’s about to turn 12 weeks and so far is the easiest of the three. I don’t know if that’s down to her or me. With the Big One, I read books, I worried, I had her weighed every week and I trusted everyone else and not myself. With the Medium One, I read fewer books, I worried less, I had her weighed once a month and I trusted some people but myself a bit more. With the Little One, I don’t even know where the books are, I’ve had her weighed twice and I trust myself more than anyone else. I’m enjoying her immensely. I wish I’d had this confidence from the start.

We live in the countryside, keep chickens as pets and like good food, wine and company.

So that’s us. See you again soon.


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