This week,  I’ve had cause to reflect and I’m hugely grateful for what I’ve seen in the mirror.

The events of this weekend in Paris and elsewhere will make all of us hug our freedom a little closer. How one human being can think bursting into a rock concert on a Friday night and killing innocent people is a good idea is beyond me. In God’s name? Don’t make me laugh. What kind of God wants children to grow up without their mother?  Wives to live without their husbands? Mothers to mourn their children?

The news shocked me to the core. Lovely (and he is lovely) Husband often travels into central London and overseas for work. I hate him being away,  even if it does mean I get to eat children’s tea with the girls and not have to pretend to prefer grown up food. With the recent attack and then Gatwick’s subsequent evacuation  my immediate thought was that I didn’t want him to go away this week. I wanted to keep him safe with us. I’d even make a beef bourginon.

I gave myself a shake.  That’s what these brainwashed cowards want: To take our joi de vive and freedom away and that’s not going to happen. With fish fingers, peas and potato letters in mind, I’ll wave him off with a smile.

This week I’ve been poorly. Very poorly. The kind of poorly where you lose five pounds in 24 hours. It’s not been pleasant. Anyone with smalls will relate to how hard it is when you can’t just bury yourself under a duvet. Medium was fascinated. She insisted on joining me in the loo – even pushing me slightly out of the way to watch the different colours splash the bowl. Too much info?  Sorry about that. I couldn’t even throw up in private.

I’m feeling so fortunate for the help I’ve had. My Treasure  (more on her another time. Carlsberg don’t make treasures,  but if they did…) stayed on so I could stay in bed,  my lovely mum held the fort for a few hours and one of the lovely preschool mums did a pick up for me. The latter was a godsend – I’m sure I would’ve been caught short waiting at the gates and I’m not sure how absorbant Tena would be in that situation.

Apart from evacuating my stomach every five minutes from every angle,  this week I’ve been sorting through photos for the grandparents’ Christmas calendars. Boy,  what a wonderful year. So many happy memories and beautiful smiling faces to choose from.

I’m feeling truly blessed and despite the depravity of some, what a wonderful world we live in.


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